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Wild Sage, a cohousing community in Boulder Colorado

Various images of Wild Sage community and residents

A Close-knit Community of Neighbors

Wild Sage is a typical mixed-income condominium community according to Colorado laws, but it's got a much more advanced and rewarding social structure. The intention is that people work to get along, resolve their own differences, and authentically take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Beyond those basics, the goal is to generate a better, more delightful life, to share resources, and to live in a way that is more fulfilling and fun.

What's expected of me as an owner or renter?

All adult members of Wild Sage Cohousing - owners and renters alike - are expected to contribute to the ongoing maintenance of the property through HOA dues and participation and to help build our community life together through participation and active involvement in the life of the community. All adult members are expected to attend monthly general meetings and occasional weekend workdays.

Most of the community's work is accomplished through a team structure. The teams are Buildings and Grounds, Common House, Community Living, Finance, Hub, Landscape, Meals, Process, and Steering. There are also ad hoc teams that take care of special interests like the hot tub, the tool sharing program, the home brewing club, or other things that spring up. People make connections through getting the work done, and it also means the community's HOA fees are significantly lower than they would be otherwise (about $50 less per month than comparable HOAs). Every adult owner and renter is supposed to be on at least one team, one for which they have some affinity (and we welcome kids' involvement, too!).

Active participation in the decision-making process is also part of life at Wild Sage. We make community decisions using a consensus model, which means that people with differing opinions come together to create workable solutions. While this can be challenging, we find that the decisions we make in this way tend to be stronger and longer lasting.

What's it like to live here?

The unwritten parts of the social structure are the most amazing. Wild Sagers walk out their doors and talk to friends. We see our children playing on the common green with others in a safe environment. We share drinks and tasty meals. We care for and provide mutual support for each other. We value personal connections. At the core, we are part of a community - an extended family or tribe.

Beyond the daily life we share together, here are some of the special events you'll see us enjoying: annual bluegrass brunch, community work days, holiday parties, game nights, summer movies on the green, impromptu potluck picnics and cookouts, and more!

While each unit is fully outfitted with kitchens and baths (they are regular homes!), we are especially blessed to have a beautiful Common House - a central facility that all of us co-own. We use the Common House for poetry readings, meals, team meetings, midwifery classes, book clubs, acoustic music, and more. To build social good beyond our property lines, we sometimes rent the Common House to nonprofit groups outside the community. In addition, the Common House includes two guest rooms, which can be used by residents to house their visiting family and friends and which can also be rented by outside guests.

While Wild Sage won't be a solution to all your problems, we think that life here is pretty great. It's laid back and a lot of fun. If you are interested in purchasing or renting a home in our community, we suggest that you attend a meal, talk to Wild Sagers, stay a night or two in a guest room. See what life here is all about, and if it's a good fit for you, join us!