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Wild Sage, a cohousing community in Boulder Colorado

Various images of Wild Sage community and residents

Our Community

We are a community of individuals who seek a balance between noise and quiet, interaction and solitude. We are single, families, couples, empty-nesters, and seniors.

Amongst us, we enjoy yoga, cooking, gardening, fishing, hiking, skiing, soccer, cycling, hockey, socializing, brewing, gaming, bird-watching, making music, playing with children, and many more things. It is likely that you'll find many things to share in common with your neighbors here at Wild Sage.

Common House and Lawn

Common House and Lawn

Common House and Lawn

Common House and Lawn

Located within the Holiday Neighborhood, between Broadway and 28th Street, north of Yarmouth, in Boulder. Wild Sage Cohousing is made up of 34 attached townhomes, a common house, pedestrian paths, and outdoor common space. Each home is of course complete with its own kitchen, bathrooms, living room, and bedrooms.

Satellite image of Wild Sage within the Holiday Neighborhood

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Wild Sage is conveniently located near schools, shops, parks, 2 major bus routes, bike and hiking trails, and other amenities.